Core Values & Foundations of Our Business

We do what we say we are going to do.
First time, on time, all the time!

Core Values We Truly Believe In

All In

We have the ability to choose our attitude and how we approach and deal with all aspects of life. Be courageous. Trust in ourselves and one another. Strive for excellence and go ‘All in’ to get there.


Honesty is the foundation upon which a person builds any relationship. It produces trust, an essential quality to establish and sustain relationships. Acting with honesty creates integrity which allows us to build meaningful, long lasting relationships with our clients, suppliers and colleagues.


Enjoyment in the environment in which we work. To let our mood encourage our mind and keep a positive spin on our dealings with people and projects. To be fresh and ready for everything that is thrown at us.

Play Above The Line

Playing above the line encapsulates ownership, accountability and responsibility. Playing below the line relies on blame, excuses and denial. We own our mistakes. We think in terms of solutions not problems. We problem solve with the determination and innovation as if help is not coming.


‘We must communicate regularly and clearly. We understand that to be a great communicator, we also need to be a great listener.’ Communication throughout our business is key to effectively build and maintain relationships both internally and externally.

Pursue Growth & Learning

We aim to create an engaging environment for all staff by providing stimulating challenges along with opportunities for continual growth and learning.


From time to time things may get challenging, however if we are focused, relentless and never ever give up, we will always find a way to succeed.

Our People + Our Purpose + Our Values = Unrivalled Industry Culture

When dealing with us you are dealing with people who own and operate the business. Our hands-on approach enables us to listen to our clients and make fast decisions providing the business with nimbleness that in today’s market is hard for our competitors to emulate. Following a stringent recruitment strategy, we’ve been able to build a highly motivated, experienced team who thrive on ‘doing things differently’ and challenging ‘the norm’ of our industry. Our shared core values ensure that we’re all fulfilling our purpose and working towards common goals of high quality projects and customer satisfaction.

Multiple projects mean multiple project teams and sectors within the business. To help stay aligned we ensure every team member understands and is committed to our Core Purpose which is to, “Build Better. Better People. Better Relationships. Better Projects”. This provides alignment and clarity while keeping everyone focused on the same objective.

Our purpose and core values underpin everything we do, from how we conduct ourselves in the office, to out in the marketplace with our clients, across all of our construction sites and local manufacturing facilities. This reinforces doing things the McNally way.

Our people, combined with our core purpose and values has created a culture unlike any other in the industry. We understand that developing this internal culture enables our team to be at their most productive resulting in better project outcomes for our clients.

McNally Mates

At McNally we understand the value of our people and what they bring to our organisation. We know that working within the Mining industry can be challenging at times, but the one thing that remains steadfast is our commitment to our people, subcontractors, suppliers and clients. We have and continue to welcome new people, with their different skills, perspectives and workplace cultures, and we’ve worked together to integrate, adapt and collaborate to deliver unrivalled results. We want to continue to create a workplace that attracts the best people for the job. That’s why we created McNally Mates to support, retain and reward our people. At the heart of the McNally brand is our family values. The way we ensure these values are sustained is through the continued living and breathing of Mateship, Equality and Teamwork.

  • Mateship

  • Equality

  • Teamwork